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How Social Media Helps Small Businesses Expand Their Reach

Being a small business in a big world can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Using your social media platforms as tools to increase the number of clients you reach is one way to survive and flourish while most small businesses are having trouble getting off the ground. Finding a well-respected and knowledgeable social media management team can bring even more benefits to not just your wallet, but your long term success as well. So, you might ask, how do I make it work for my business? Here’s how.

Language Isn’t Just Words

In the world of social media, language is so much more than the words that come out of our mouth. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, are all successful social media platforms that bring new customers to businesses every day. And many of them do this without saying one word at all. Images, videos, infographics, and audio content are just a few ways of engaging more customers and increasing the number of people that become familiar with your business. Using these as the language of your company can help you to stand out against your competition. And while entertaining your customers, you are actually providing them with information on what you are selling and generating new leads to bring more business to your door.

Know What’s Hot

Trends are everything these days. In a split second, you can go from the hottest topic on all social outlets to yesterday’s news. Small business can literally go viral and turn into multi-million dollar corporations with a positive reaction from just one person on the right social media platform. Know what is current and relevant and appeal to your niche market and your target audience, and your business potential is limitless. There are even outlets you can use that do the work for you. will actually weigh in on what posts are doing well, what keywords are essential, and what changes would benefit your overall results.

Less Time Amounts to Less Expenses

As any sought after web designer will tell you, timing is everything. Working smart in the business world today helps save money and get the most out of your time. Good web developers are trained in bringing you more business without making you put in any more work than you are already doing. Posting updates, sending e-mails, sending text massages, and improving social media content can all be done in auto mode. What that means is e-mails can you automatically generated and sent where they need to go without you having to lift a finger. Same goes for text messages. And social media posts can be scheduled ahead of time so you aren’t having to hop on the computer each day at a certain time. This leaves you more time to focus on other projects and improve your business.

Embrace the Change

While so many of us become set in our ways, the rules of being successful in the business world are change up or give up! Sometimes it seems that the world of technology is spinning so fast that if we turn our heads for one day, we fall behind. This is absolutely true! Just when you get used to one social media platform and learn how to utilize it to your benefit, a new one surfaces and you are back to square one. Allowing your business to continually transform to be relevant with your niche market is essential or you might as well give up. And just think how many more customers are out there looking for what you have got when some of your competition chooses to give up!

Getting on board with your business’ social media platforms does nothing but help you succeed. Just check out how much of your competition is already posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. Not only does this draw in more prospective customers, if allows your current customers to deliver feedback, request changes or new ideas, and you can actually keep an eye on what your competition is doing at the same time! Visit our website to see how we can incorporate social media marketing into your small business today. You would be surprised what some more “likes” can do for your business!

5 Tips for Writing Great Headlines (That Gets Your Business Noticed)

In the ultra-competitive small business environment, it’s essential to create interest in your business. One way to accomplish this is to write effective headlines across your varied marketing copy.

A first-rate title inspires one to: read an article; open an email; pick up a flyer or brochure about your business; download your small business newsletter; subscribe to your mailing list; enter a contest, and more.

Consider the following 5 tips for writing great headlines (that gets your business noticed):

1. Make them thought-provoking

Your titles should get your readers thinking. They should cause them to ponder, “This looks like it’s going to be very helpful information to me, and I better check this out further.”

Consequently, your headline moves your reader into greater interaction with your message and by extension, your business. If you have read this far then my title above induced you to keep reading and therefore did its job.

2. Focus on your reader

Your headline should not be about you and/or your business, per se. It should be about your readers – your target market. It must offer something of value.

A good one centers on your customers’ (and potential customers’) needs. The headline to this article is focusing on helping business operators get their businesses noticed. This headline is not focusing on me, the writer, or anyone or anything else.

3. Don’t be long-winded

Create headlines that are concise, clear, and of an appropriate length. The title to this article is 11 words. It could even be cut to 6 words, eliminating the bracketed content. However, with a few more words I desired to center on getting your business noticed.

The point is, don’t be long-winded with titles. Too long and they lose their punch.

4. Deliver what the headline promises

Want to annoy your niche market? Offer them something tantalizing in your headline – then talk about something else in your message.

The headline to this article promised 5 headline writing tips... This is what I’m providing here in the body of the article. This article is delivering what the headline promised.

If I proceeded to meander and talk about how to build an email list, or how to use social media to build your audience, you would be thinking, ‘What’s this all about, there’s nothing here substantial about writing effective headlines!”

Deliver what your headline promises or else you’re being misleading with your headline.

5. Make your headlines believable

Don’t write a headline that promises more than you can deliver. Be honest and truthful with your headline. Regarding the headline to this article, employing these tips can help get your business noticed.

This headline did not say, “5 Tips for Writing Great Headlines (That Will Bring In $1,000,000 In Sales)”.

I have no right to write a headline like that. That is sensationalism and an unbelievable claim. If that happens, great. However, the headline promises a realistic benefit. Your headlines should as well.

Good headlines spur action. They encourage people to investigate your message further.

Spend time creating effective headlines that promote greater interaction with your business. Use headlines to propel your business forward.